I love Friday's! We can share a laugh or two with my weekly videos. This week we don't really have any sort of theme just videos I though were funny. So sit back, grab your favorite snack and beverage and watch these videos.

This first video is the cutiest puppy I've seen, well next to my own of course, it's a mini dachshund. He's discovered himself in the mirror and thinks it's another dog. Watch his reaction, he just wants to play.

The baby in this video gets so tickled at the dog trying to get in the tub. It seems the dog knows exactly what it's doing, knows the baby is amused and keeps doing it to make him laugh.

I've seen this video before but it cracks me up every time. This dog is so well trained he doesn't realize there in no glass in the door so he sits and waits for someone to open the door.