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Recipes – High Heel Shoe Cupcakes
Having seen photos of these cute high heel cupcakes on Facebook and Pinterest, I had to give them a try. They are super easy and super cute and really delicious. Here is the video of how to make them yourself.
Fiesta Bubble Bread – Shay’s Recipe of the Week
I like easy recipes and I'm sure you do as well.This one is almost like a dump recipe where you basically just dump it all into a Bundt pan and bake. It's delicious, spicy and smells wonderful when baking. It's called Fiesta Bubble Bread or what I like to call Cheesy Jalapeno Bread.
Apple Rose Bites – Shay’s Recipe of the Week
I had seen this recipe floating around Facebook and they looked so cute, finally I decided to read the recipe. It sounded pretty simple, something I always like, and sounded really good. I decided this past weekend to give it a try and see how they turned out. They tasted great, like little apple pi…
Heath Bar Cake – Shay’s Recipe of the Week
This is a super simple recipe for a cake. You need a cake mix, cool whip and a couple of Heath Bars. It's delicious but not overly sweet. You can make this last minute or a day ahead because it keeps in the refrigerator.
Hershey Pudding Pie – Shay’s Recipe of the Week
This weeks recipe is one that has been in my family for years. I have no idea where it came from but my grandmother and mom have made it forever. It's now something I make and my family all love it. It's easy to make, tastes wonderful but doesn't last long!
Blue Velvet Cake – Shay’s Recipe of the Week
I'm checking my Facebook on Friday and noticed I had been tagged in co-worker Frank Pain's post of a recipe. It was for a blue velvet cake with a marshmallow butter cream icing. I decided to make the cake last night and bring it to work to see how he liked it.

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