Taylor Swift is Excited About Touring Australia in December
If you're a Taylor Swift fan and you'd like to see her live, get yourself an airline ticket to Australia, where the "Red" star is set to finish out the year. This isn't the first time for her to perform in Australia, last year she did a series of stadium concerts down under. Taylor admits …
Australians On The Hunt For Man Eating Shark [VIDEO]
Australia is the home of many, if not most, of the world's majority of poisonous animals. Many of those are aquatic. The latest animal wreaking havoc in Australia seems to be a shark that is attacking people. It's latest victim is an American working and living in Perth.
Man Dies After Shark Bites Off His Legs
Australia is home of the some beautiful beaches but they are also home to some of the most poisonous sea life. That doesn't stop most people from going in the water though. In fact there was a shark attack today in a very popular surfing area. Unfortunately the man died as a result of his in…
Craziest (Australian) Football Catch Ever? [VIDEO]
In American football, climbing up on your opponent’s shoulders to make a catch will get you flagged. In Australian football, the move, executed by player Andrew Walker, is being lauded as the play of the year.
Walker, of the Carlton Football Club, and his piggy-back ride of catch have…
Nude Olympics In Australia
This is probably something you missed because of the coverage of the Royal Wedding.  This weekend the Nude Olympics are being held in Australia.