Australia is the home of many, if not most, of the world's majority of poisonous animals. Many of those are aquatic. The latest animal wreaking havoc in Australia seems to be a shark that is attacking people. It's latest victim is an American working and living in Perth.

The shark has to date attacked 3 people in two months, the most previous was only 2 weeks ago and now an American has perished at the jaws of this shark. He was 32 year old George Thomas Wainwright. Some don't believe it's all the work of just one shark but others say it is and the Australian government has asked that the shark be caught and killed if necessary. The government has also issued warnings for swimmers and divers to use caution and be aware of the shark.

The American had 2 friends with him at the time of the incident but were not able to help him, his injuries were just too extensive.