Australia is home of the some beautiful beaches but they are also home to some of the most poisonous sea life. That doesn't stop most people from going in the water though. In fact there was a shark attack today in a very popular surfing area. Unfortunately the man died as a result of his injuries.

A 20 year old man was bodyboarding along with about 30 surfers when the attack happened. The shark bit off both of his legs.

Witnesses called an ambulance but it was just too much damage. The man died at the scene.

There have been sharks in the waters lately but not that close to shore, so no one worried to much.

The mans legs were not recovered and the shark has yet to be found. Helicopters were sent into the air to try to locate the shark from above but to no avail.

The beach was closed following the attack and authorities say this is the first attack in 20 years.