Tomorrow, Texas death-row inmate Cleve Foster will be executed with more than likely the same stuff used to put dogs to sleep (euthanized).

On April 5, Cleve Foster is scheduled to be executed here in the Texas Department of Corrections. More than likely, he will be given a "new" lethal injection drug called "phenobarbital" which is the very same drug used to euthanize animals at most Texas animal control shelters (aka, the dog pound) but phenobarbital has never been fully tested/evaluated for use on humans as a "lethal injection drug", only animals according the the Texas ACLU.

Thee most shocking part is the drug was just introduced three weeks ago by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, with nearly no oversight according to the ACLU of Texas. Texas is already the execution capitol of the country. Let's ensure that, as Texans we take every step to minimize human suffering when people are put to death. Speak up, at least tell me what you think, and let the Governor know while you're at it.

source: ACLU of Texas