A few days ago, I posted a blog with a poll question asking, 'Do You Believe in the Death Penalty?'. I'd like to say that, I'm not surprised. However, I am surprised at how many folks are either against or undecided on the issue. A majority of people are for the death penalty, here are the numbers.

54.5% of people are straight out in favor of the death penalty, I had a few comment that, "the punishment should fit the crime!". What really surprised me, was the fact that a sizable number of people feel as I do, 37% said they are ''undecided'. Only 9% of people are completely against the death penalty. While this poll isn't exactly scientific, it did get some of us talking openly about our thoughts and feelings on this issue. So I pose this question to you now. If you had a loved one on death row, how do you think you'd feel about the death penalty? Do you think certain people should be excluded from ever being executed?