With every holiday that rolls around, everybody in my family seems to enjoy getting our lovable fur babies involved and participating in the celebration. Is it that we want to believe in our heart of hearts that our pets love dressing up for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc?

Everywhere you go shopping nowadays you seem to find costumes for cats, dogs, and even horses (at farm stores like Jackson Brothers Feed). So are you one of those who loves to dress up your pet to celebrate the holidays right along with you?

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I jumped on Facebook and asked our listeners to share photos of the Halloween costumes their fur babies have worn in the past or are going to dress up in this year. The look on some of these pets' faces says it all. Like they're thinking, "What on God's green earth am I wearing?" or better yet "Have you lost your mind?"

If you have any photos of your pets modeling the latest Halloween fashions, please don't hesitate to share them no matter how silly, um, fabulous they look. These are a few of the early submissions. I hope you enjoy.

I do believe our pets talk to us through their facial expressions. Just take a good long hard look and see if you can read that animal's mind. The Biker Dog is priceless.

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