Here in West Texas, we have a lot of festivals at churches, schools, and civic organizations celebrating the fall season, but Halloween still rules supreme. This Halloween ensure that your little ones will be safe with the following list of tips.

While Halloween is supposed to be a fun-filled day, with kids running around our neighborhoods visiting friends and collecting highly sought-after candies, the way people drive and the lack of sidewalks and street lights in certain neighborhoods can make Halloween a little difficult and dangerous.

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I decided to research and seek out the best safety guidelines to ensure a safer Halloween experience. Many of the following tips are made possible by our local Police Department, Texas DPS, and an international organization known as Safe Kids Worldwide.

The City of Abilene does not have any set guidelines currently on where or when we can trick-or-treat on Halloween. Some city and county officials advise that trick-or-treating should be done between 5:30 PM and 9:00 PM on Halloween day only.

That said, here are some general safety tips I've gathered to make trick-or-treating more safe and enjoyable. Sources: and


  • Use face paint & makeup instead of masks, which can obstruct a child’s vision
  • Choose lighter and brighter colors
  • Add reflective tape and/or stickers on all sides of the costume
  • Make sure the costume fits to avoid trips and falls
  • Always carry a glow stick and a flashlight

Trick or Treating

  • Know the neighborhood, it's better if you know the neighbors too
  • Pick a route with well-lit streets and sidewalks
  • Adults/guardians should always accompany young children
  • Never trick-or-treat alone, go with a group
  • Always go to the door with the child
  • Do not allow a child to go into a house/car unless you are with them
  • Only go to homes with porch lights on
  • Do not use electronic devices while walking, no earbuds/headphones
  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times
  • Cross streets at corners and controlled intersections when possible
  • Never go in between parked cars
  • Do not eat any treats until they've been inspected by an adult at home
  • Report suspicious activity to the police immediately

Personal Safety

  • Teach children to yell NO! loud and repeatedly when in danger or being assaulted
  • Teach children to try to escape danger including yelling, hitting, and kicking
  • Make sure kids know their address and parents' phone numbers
  • Teach kids when and how to call 911


  • Slow down in neighborhoods and housing areas on Halloween
  • Look out for children darting out between parked cars
  • Observe traffic signs and allow pedestrians the right of way
  • Turn on your headlights
  • Use extreme caution when backing, entering, or leaving a driveway
  • When driving in popular trick-or-treating areas, turn off music, be alert, look and listen
  • Never text and drive, avoid being on phone while driving during this time

When you get home

  • Never eat any candy or treat until every piece has been inspected by an adult
  • Never eat baked/homemade goods unless from well-known family and/or friends
  • Discard any suspicious candy or treat

Finally, have a safe and happy Halloween.


Gallery Credit: Frank Pain

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