Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet
With Halloween around the corner, it can be a pretty wicked experience for your pet. So, here are some Halloween safety tips that any pet owner should take to heart.
Golden Retriever
Dogs are a man's best friend, for the most part. However, this dog's owner knows how to get his adorable Golden Retriever riled up and barking mad. By eating her rawhide chew toy.
Sleeping Cat is Awakened
If you own a cat, you know not outsmart or get revenge on a feline. This guy exacts his revenge on his sleeping cat for a weeks worth of early morning wake-up calls from the slumbering kitty.
Winter Tips To Keep Your Pets Warm
With winter weather knocking on our door, it's important not to forget our furry little friends. So, check out these winter tips to help keep your pets warm.
Snoring Dogs
While we may deny the fact that we snore while sleeping, these cute canines make no bones about their slumber habits they have. See which dog sounds most like you.
Cat Rides a Roomba
Watch this adorable Siamese cat dressed like Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin riding around on her 'Roomba magic carpet ride'.
Huge Pet Adoption
The Abilene Animal Shelter, Rescue the Animals and several big country rescue organizations are putting on a huge "Spring Pet Adoption". Every dog, cat, kitten and puppy within 19 counties will be at the Shops of Abilene parking lot, March 28th and 29th. Here's more details.

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