Cliche', Yet Sexy, Halloween Costumes
Halloween, that one time of year that women can dress in very little and not get called bad names. It doesn't matter if you're at a bar or costume party at a friend's house, there will always be at least one woman wearing the most cliche', yet sexy, costume ever made.
Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2015
It's time to figure out your Halloween costume for this year. There are some really great ones that will surely be showing up at the parties; Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton just to name a few.
Mythical Creatures We Wish Were For Real
We've all heard or read stories about mythical creatures, whether it be from the old Greek stories, or some that are a little more modern. Well, with Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would put together a list of mythical creatures we wish were real...
The Best Group Halloween Costumes
We've all been there -- just a couple hours before you have to head out to a Halloween party, and you haven't had the time or money to put together a decent costume. Then suddenly, a flash of inspiration zaps you or one of your buddies -- but all too often, the final product is just sad at…
Ohio University Sponsors Student Protests Of Offensive Costumes
Ohio University is funding the student protests of offensive costumes. These are Halloween costumes that certain students are calling racially offensive. Such costumes might include a terrorist or a Geisha girl. The group goes by the name STARS or Students Teaching Against Racism in Society. Thi…
Five Great TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]
Still don’t have a costume for Halloween? You might want to hurry since the big day is less than a week away.
To help out a little, has a bunch of ideas for costumes inspired by TV characters. Some are kinda lame (going as Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ means you’re basically just a dude …
Get Inspired with 500 Years of Halloween Costumes [CHART]
You may have seen some of the year’s hottest costumes and decided they’re not for you. Maybe you’re someone who goes for the classics like vampires or ghosts. Or maybe you’re just a history buff who simply wants to pay homage to your favorite bygone era, but you’re stumped for ideas.
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