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Over the weekend my wife and I were having lunch at a friend's local restaurant. He was telling us about the cost of food skyrocketing lately. He then turns and looks at my wife and says "Have you seen the price of cackleberries lately?"

He continued by asking my wife "Have you purchased any "cackleberries" recently?" My wife responded, "Yes and I always buy the 18 count because they're a little cheaper but they're really not!" I interrupted with "What in the heck are y'all talking about and what on God's green earth are cackle berries?"

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They both busted up laughing and my wife said "Calm down CITY BOY they are eggs, the chickens make cackling sounds and they make the cackle berries aka EGGS!" Then Robert the owner of the restaurant said "It's an old Texas slang that all the farmers and ranchers used to call them.

I asked, "What are some other Texas slang and where did they come from?" I learned right then that I love cackle berries and calf-slobbers. I asked what are "Calf-Slobbers?"  to which I was told "That's the tasty stuff on the top of pies also known as meringue.

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Okay, these are a few more of the charming "Old Texas" terms, some of which are pretty explanatory. The others may take a little imagination to figure it out. Y'all had fun with them and good luck.

Old Texas Terms and/or sayings:

  • Cackle Berries: Chicken eggs
  • Calf-Slobbers: Pie topping known as Meringue
  • Hen's teeth: Very rare or hard to find
  • Hissy fit: To throw a tantrum or become very upset
  • Jumped-up: Describe something that has been greatly exaggerated
  • Two shakes of a lamb's tail: Very quickly
  • Sinner in church: Extremely nervous or uncomfortable
  • Knee-high to a grasshopper: Someone who is very young or small
  • Tighter than bark on a tree: Very frugal or stingy person
  • Long-tailed nursing home cat: - Someone who is extremely nervous

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