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Over the holiday weekend my wife and I were engaged in some old wives'-tales, better yet some good Ole West Texas sayings, superstitions, and old thoughts she had learned from her grandparents and some that I had learned from my family.

Apparently, some of these old sayings and or superstitious thoughts may actually have some science behind them and some may be crazy old superstitions that I like to call stupid-stitions, or are they?

My wife's grandparents were farmers and ranchers and they grew their own food. Throughout the year they would work to prepare the land that was going to house their cattle and grow their food. As a matter of fact, her grandparents only went to the grocery store to buy things like ketchup, mayonnaise, and milk (since they didn't have milk cows).

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As for my grandparents, they were in-town farmers, backyard farmers you get the idea.  As for meat, they kept a cow a couple of goats and a hog in the backyard. But as for these following sayings, we kept true to the heart, and trust me I saw a lot of these come true.

OK, check out these old sayings, thoughts, and superstitions. The first one I remember vividly is the July watermelon one and to this day I will not buy nor eat watermelon before the Fourth of July, because oh my gosh it is true!

The other is the ants in our yard building a mound around their main entrance, that one is so true as well, and get ready for a flood. If you have any please share them with us or message us on the station app.

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