Recently I was having dinner with my wife and a couple of friends when the conversation turned to "rules" Texans follow as if they are law, and that we have somehow forgotten to teach our kids. I was curious so I asked, "Exactly what rules are you alluding to?"

They all three mentioned that we are very friendly people here in Texas, especially when it comes to driving around road construction sites. My friends were talking about how if you signal to merge into a lane, it's like everyone who sees your signal light wants to let you over. So...Texans are exceptionally friendly. But what else?

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I then brought up the fact that there are some unwritten rules that Texans are instilled with from birth. The "Texas Ten" is almost a rite of passage when young people are going out and discovering life on their own around the Lone Star State. See my list below. If you can think of any others, please share them with us.

The one rule I noticed that we did not discuss is respecting one's elders with yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you, please. But that's just a general matter of knowing one's manners and learning how to be polite.

So if you wish to move to Texas, raise your children here, or better educate your grandkids on the Texas ways, these are some basic principles that'll make them a Texan through and through.

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