As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our growing list of Texan sayings and slang words.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. A non-Texan will ask you if you're going to do something, then you reply that you're "fixin' to" and they're left with a strange look on their face.

It happens to me all the time, especially with lots of family and friends that don't live in this great state of ours.

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So, in an effort to help the outsiders out, I went to Facebook to see what everyone thought about the "most Texas sayings ever" and boy were the responses awesome (and some hilarious).

Check out the gallery below and let me know if there are other Texas sayings (or slang) that should be added. You can send me an email and I'll get this updated.

The Most Texas Sayings Ever

Here in Texas, we have our own language, that may confuse outsiders, so we decided to list the most Texas sayings ever along with their interpretations.

One of my favorite Texas sayings is "hold your horses" which is akin to "wait a cotton pickin' minute". I've been saying that since 2nd grade and I've been responding to the same phrase (since 2nd grade) with "I don't have any horses to hold".

I'd have to say, though, that the Texas slang I've used most frequently includes "ugly as sin" and "this ain't my first rodeo". 

We're not just good at making up words, here in Texas, we actually have some of the most amazing inventions that come from our state.

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