Wanted a Good, (no change that) Wanted Great Home for Tire-tool the chihuahua who is ready for adoption from Rescue The Animals.

Tire-Tool was rescued from a local garage. The full of energy, prancing, sable colored chihuahua showed up a a local garage the garages owner kept the little guy for a few day in hopes that it's owners would come...they never did so Tire-tool (named by the garage staff) was handed over to rescue where he was checked out for any and all maladies that might affect this little bundle of energy. So now Rescue The Animals is looking for a home for the dog but not the cat, who answers to the name of pumpkin which belongs to Paul Washburn and his staff. These two can play for hours, It's a sight to behold. Call Rescue The Animals for any and all information, like the next "Tom Cat Surprise Party" or "Pet Shots For Only $19.99". Call 325-698-7722