I have been granted the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies for this year's Rescue the Animals annual Fur Ball on Saturday, February 17, at the Abilene Convention Center. When attending the Fur Ball, you will see all kinds of beautiful fur babies in all kinds of breeds.

I am always blown away at how many different breeds of dogs attend this awesome event. Rescue the Animals rescues all animals regardless of breed, and they are all beautiful, unique and - I will add - extremely intelligent

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Seeing so many different kinds of dogs at the Fur Ball, I started thinking about which dog breeds are the most popular breeds in Texas alone. I know when I go to various pet adoptions around the Big Country, I see a lot of Pit Bulls, Boxers, Bulldogs, and Aussie Cow Dogs.

One important piece to this is that favorite dog breeds change yearly. So I ask why. The one main influencer to making a dog breed popular is - and has been for many decades -  a popular TV commercial, show, or movie. Or there's a story that could be in the news of a dog that did something brave, and the breed popularity takes off from there.

Who could ever forget "Gidget", the infamous Taco Bell Chihuahua that taught many of us how to say something in Spanish? "Yo quiero Taco Bell." The Chihuahua breed took off from there. The breed was so popular even my parents who had never had a dog adopted a small Chihuahua.

After that commercial, adoptions of Chihuahuas in Texas exploded, and then all across America. It's important to note that preferences change over time, and other breeds gain popularity. Additionally, regional popularity can vary within Texas (sources: American Kennel Club /  Abilene Kennel Club).

The breeds listed below are popular mainly because of various qualities like temperament, trainability, and lifestyle suitability.

I recommend adopting a canine from one of the many shelters throughout West Texas. From El Paso to Amarillo, the shelters are full, so go adopt your furry bestie now.

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