Sometimes people get way out of hand, especially if alcohol is involved.  That seems to be the case in a beating that a 19 year old took during a recent Tim McGraw concert.

Currently on tour, Tim McGraw stopped in Massachusetts to perform at the Comcast Center.  There during the middle of his concert a 19 year old man was severely beaten by four men age range from 20-22 years old.  The fight apparently began over a girl (go figure) and escalated because of the use of


The victim remains in serious condition but is expected to recover.  The other 4 were arrested and will be arraigned.  All but one of the suspects is being held on $5000 bail the other suspect is being held without bail due to other cases he has pending.

Why can't we all just get along?  Concerts are supposed to be fun not dangerous.  But then again so are sporting events and we've seen fans get out of control and beat someone up just because they wore the wrong team jersey.

I don't why things like this are happening but people are getting severely hurt.  Let's remember our manners and stay on our best behavior when at public events!!!