Last week I asked the question: What is the smallest item you go to Wal-Mart for? I was curious because it's such a big store and a friend saw someone come in a by a pack of gum and that was it. So here is what we found with our official poll.

Looks like most of you will go to the mega store for soda or a card (birthday/anniversary, etc). It was a 2 way tie between the two with a little over 28% of you saying that's what you would run in to get.

Beer came in 3rd place with about 21% of you saying that's what would draw you into Wal_Mart.

It was a 3 way tie between candy, oil and a CD/Movie. About 7% of you said one of those three things would make you walk into the behemoth store.

Sadly no one goes to Wal-Mart for Bread or Chips. Guess those things are left to be picked up at the grocery store.

I have to say if I go to Wal-Mart it's usually because I have a full list of things or I have plenty of time to kill, it's not because it's fast!