It's typical for stores to open early on Black Friday, the name given to the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving. But it seems it's getting earlier and earlier and this year it's even gone so far as to stores opening on Thanksgiving Day itself. Retailers are trying to make up for lost sales this year by opening earlier and staying open later to do it.

I don't know about you but Black Friday was even something I tried to avoid, so really they now want us to ditch the family time we do have and come shopping. What about the people that have to work for those stores? Don't they get some time off?

While some retailers, like Nordstrom's, are actually waiting to even decorate for the Christmas holiday's until after Thanksgiving, others have decided to open on Thanksgiving Day.

One of the nations largest chain stores is leading the pack, Wal-Mart. Now the superstores are open on Thanksgiving Day anyway but this is the first time that the store will offer it's Black Friday deals starting at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day.

The stores are even offering store maps on Facebook so shoppers can plan out their route for bargains. They will be offering big ticket items like the x-box 360 4GB kinect, as well as DVD's , X-games, Barbie, Disney products and more at discounted prices that will surely bring in the masses.

Apparently K-Mart has for the last 20 years opened on Thanksgiving Day. Sears tried it last year but say they listened to their customers who said they didn't want to get up at midnight to go shopping, so they will open at 4 am this year. Midnight opening have been announced from retailers like Target, Best-Buy, Kohl's, Macy's and more.

Having said all of this research seems to show that most people buy their Christmas gifts during December and not after Thanksgiving Day.

I will be all snug and warm in my bed at these wee hours of the morning so y'all can have my spot in line. Fighting for a Barbie and standing in line for hours are not my idea of fun. I'll just wait, thank you.

Will you be shopping on Thanksgiving Day or getting up early to get the best bargains on Black Friday?