Wal-Mart can drive anyone over the edge. It’s a huge place with lots of noise, sometimes surly employees, and always surly customers. On the other hand, Jacquetta Simmons let it get to her a little too much and she could spend seven years in jail because of it.

Simmons has been convicted of punching Grace Suozzi, a 70-year-old, when Suozzi asked to see Simmons’ receipt. Here’s a video of the alleged incident, starting at the 3:50 mark:

That doesn’t really look great for Simmons, we have to admit. But why the seven years in jail?

New York has a law on the books making it a felony to injure anyone over 65 years of age if they’re more than ten years younger than the victim. So a simple misdemeanor suddenly means potential jail time.

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