As the Holidays approach, I find myself having to go to Wal-Mart. While going there is not the worst part, being subjected to other peoples definitions of fashion and style. The last time I posted a similar blog, it was with the music video 'Wal-Martians.' This time it's Jessica Frech with her song 'People of Wal-Mart 2.'  I'll have to caution you, there are real pictures of people of Wal-Mart.

Jessica Frech is probably better known for her 'People of Wal-Mart' songs even though she's got a host of other songs like her latest 'I won't Give Up', she's even got her own line of People of Wal-Mart t-shirts, caps, mugs, mouse pads and more. Nonetheless, here is People of Wal-Mart 2 song complete with some pictures that will have you either gaging or laughing, enjoy.