From the classic traditional to the strangely unusual - that's what I discovered while looking for the best places to purchase a Christmas tree in Abilene.

This year get ready to pay as little as $25 for a fresh-cut tree to a whopping $10,000 for a fully decorated artificial custom tree. There are also places that can come set up your Christmas tree and decorate your home or business if you wish.

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Having someone set up your tree and deck the halls will cost you and it may take away some of the joy of the season.  Some experts say putting up your holiday decorations is an anchor or pathway to those magical childhood emotions of excitement and anticipation.

So let us go find our next Christmas tree here in West Texas. Baack's Florist is known as one of our best local growers of beautiful Poinsettias. They only sell artificial fully decorated Christmas trees, which are fully decorated trees. Baack's will do a complete setup and take down for you. Baack's is the only vendor location in Texas that I know of that can get you the "Self-Snowing Christmas Tree." A self-snowing tree produces tiny little white snowflakes that shoot up through the center of the tree. This particular sort of Christmas tree caught my attention when I was about 8 years old and I've wanted one ever since. My wife gifted me a self-snowing tree last year and I love it.

Mankin and Sons Gardens will flock to artificial and freshly cut trees. Their specialty is custom-decorated trees. If you want your tree fully decorated, then Mankin and Sons is it. They offer living trees, fresh-cut trees in several popular varieties, and they carry a wide selection of artificial trees.

Garden World has the biggest selection of artificial trees in Abilene. If you want a tree in your high school colors, they've got it. If you want a cowboy or cowgirl tree, they've got it. If you want an aluminum retro 1950's tree, they have those too. They also have the largest selection of decorations in West Texas.

The Home Depot carries the best selection of LED-lighted Christmas trees. LED trees can save you at least 80% on your electric bill compared to conventionally lighted trees. The selection of decorations was not that great at the Depot, but their prices and selection of LED trees far exceeded all the other stores.

Lowe's has got you covered with 12 to 18-foot trees. Lowe's is an excellent place to find novelty pop-culture decorations like NASCAR, Coca-Cola Bears, Barbie, and others. They also carry a Palm Christmas Tree complete with lighting.

Big Lots specializes in great prices for their trees. The most popular ones are the new energy-efficient LED trees. They also carry lots of tree decorations.

Millican's Heritage Tree Farm is just down the road from Abilene near Cross Plains. At Millican's you can select a tree and cut it down yourself, or have them do it for you. They have lots of decorations too. Check their website before you go because they also host several activities you may want to participate in. Trees range from 2 feet to 16 feet tall, with prices from $35-$100.

Allsup's convenience stores also carry freshly cut pine trees. Nothing fancy, just fresh-cut trees, at a cost of $30 plus tax. The downside is that Allsup's does not carry any decorations or tree stands.

No matter what kind of Christmas tree you like, Abilene has what you're looking for. At least one of our retailers will be more than happy to order what you want. Did I miss one? Please tell me about it.

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