I'd like to think I'm a seasoned veteran in the vacationing biz, only because of the "Rudy Cruise!" We vacationed together with our listeners for 14 years straight. Then, COVID-19 hit and all the pandemic regulations put a halt on the infamous Rudy Cruise!

As I start looking forward and starting to plan for another "Rudy Cruise" with listeners, the following information I obtained is great information to have. I've learned that the Top 5 Destinations Texans are looking at for their 2024 vacations are real 'Dream Vacation' destinations.

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As we Texans prepare for our summer vacations, the High 5 Casino has also researched the most popular luxury destinations for Texans in 2024. The latest is that Texans are looking for information on vacations, flights, hotels, cruises, and several other keywords that lead us to over 50 luxurious destinations (these are only the Top-5).

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At #1 leading the pack is Cancun, Mexico, with over 20,980 searches per month from Texans alone. Known for its all-inclusive resorts, Mayan ruins, and vibrant nightlife, Cancun offers a perfect blend of luxury and adventure, making it the top choice for Texans to vacation at.

These are the next four Most Popular Luxury Destinations:

  • Paris (15,220 average monthly searches): The capital of love attracts tourists with its romantic allure, iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and world-renowned cuisine. Paris remains a timeless destination for those seeking a blend of culture and luxury.
  • Puerto Rico (9,680 average monthly searches): From the lush rainforests of El Yunque to the historic streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico offers a unique mix of adventure, culture, and luxurious accommodations. It's an ideal destination for those looking to explore and relax.
  • Hawaii (9,300 average monthly searches): This is my boss's favorite place in the world! Hawaii is known for its landscapes, volcanic peaks, and pristine beaches, Hawaii is a paradise for nature lovers. You can enjoy water activities, explore ecosystems, and unwind in breathtaking surroundings.
  • Turks and Caicos (9,010 average monthly searches): This secluded sanctuary boasts turquoise waters and pristine beaches, providing an exclusive escape for those looking to indulge in luxury. With opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and gourmet dining, Turks and Caicos Islands are a top pick for unwinding in style.
    Sources: Grand View / High 5 Casino / Virtouso / Forbes-Travel Advisor

Since the pandemic put a halt on travel outside of the country it appears that after four years we are back! Texans are more apt to look toward international travel though. A lot of us are swapping our staycations for our bucket-list adventures. Furthermore,  those dream trips that were once just a dream are becoming reality post-pandemic.

My advice is "Take that lifelong dream vacation and leave a little room for a future Rudy Cruise to come." Bon voyage y'all.

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