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As we continue to keep setting new heat records throughout West Texas, many of us are looking for ways to find some relief from the blistering sun. One way that I have found to keep me cool is finding affordable Airbnbs that my family and I can sneak off to for a couple of days or maybe a week.

While Puerto Azul on the Island at Lake Travis appears to have multiple Airbnbs at this location. I found the prices vary, so I started searching for one that was in my price range. They all offer some of the same amenities like comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchens, multiple bathrooms, comfortable couches, big screen TVs, WiFi, and the list goes on.

This Airbnb has outdoor and indoor swimming pools plus several hot tubs.

While the inside of each condo is decorated differently some fancy some simple. I found that they all offered things like two outdoor swimming pools, an indoor swimming pool, hot tubs, a gym, a sauna, a spa, tennis courts, a restaurant, and of course the awesome Lake Travis.

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Each Airbnb at Puerto Azul comes with its own designated parking spot and if you're up to it, a walking and or jogging trail. However, if I'm there to relax, jogging is the last thing on my list. I just want to sit in a nice cool pool with a beverage in my hand.

Getting back to the prices, I have found that they range from $105 a night all the way upwards to $400 a night, and again, the real difference is in the amenities inside the condos. Plus, the location in the condo area and the view that each condo may offer.

If you're anything like me I don't plan on spending too much time inside the condo and I can find a view of Lake Travis by sitting in the pool. So, therefore, the one pictured here offers much of the same as the $400+ condos offer, only this one averages to about $105 a night and I can afford that.

So, welcome to Puerto Azul at Lake Travis, just northwest of Austin at Lago Vista, Texas. This place has been labeled as pleasurable, picturesque, mesmerizing, and relaxing. I call it an affordable great vacation just a short drive from home. This awesome condo is hosted by Karen and Al on Airbnb.

If you plan on visiting Puerto Azul on the island at Lake Travis, research the condo you want and check to see if it is on a bottom level or a top floor. The condos do offer elevators and are wheelchair accessible. Enjoy and stay cool.

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