As a dad of five daughters and three sons, I can just imagine what it would be like for my wife and I to get away to a wonderful place like this and then share pictures with the kids. I do believe my life would be miserable afterwards and the kids might disown us because of missing out on this spectacular work of art.

I do not believe I have ever seen an Airbnb quite like this. It looks comforting, magical, and fun all in one. The managers of this whimsical Airbnb describe it as a "Giant Unicorn Seashell". While I would love to take all eight of my kids with me, the downside is this Airbnb only sleeps four.

However, this incredibly creative piece of real estate was inspired by Willie Wonka and the Big Lebowski. So if you're feeling in the mood to relive your youth, this is a great place to stay. This Fairy Tale Escape (as the owners call it) is located in West Austin and features 1,100 square feet of living space (one bedroom, two beds, sleeps four).

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I believe the trees and vegetation surrounding the Fairy Tale Escape are what makes this Airbnb more magical. Why would someone build a home like this? It was two University of Texas (UT) architecture students, who set out to build their 1970s hippie getaway they called "The Bloomhouse".

However it was in 2017 that the Mayor of Austin, Dave Claunch, took an interest in seeing The Bloomhouse be revived and improved to modern-day standards. To get to The Bloomhouse you'll travel up, up, and away to the high road, where you'll find the most spectacular views of downtown Austin.

The property managers say, "Due to the unique architecture, curves, and pathways, The Bloomhouse cannot accommodate children under the age of 5." Chereen Fisher and her Lodgewell team manage The Bloomhouse and remind you to make reservations well in advance as this is a very popular Austin destination. Enjoy!

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