Mary Kay’s Pink Mansion for Sale in Dallas
Mary Kay Ash is the woman behind all the "pink" make-up known as Mary-Kay Cosmetics. She founded the company in 1963 and turned it into a $2 billion dollar empire. Not only did Mary Kay make money but she made sure her consultants did as well and were handsomely rewarded when meeting goals; usually with "pink" Cadillacs and now other pink vehicles too. She loved the color pi
Smallest To Largest Homes In America [VIDEOS]
I will never complain that my house is too small. This couple and the teen-aged son manage to live a their 320 square foot home. Debra and Gary were tired of being held captive by a mortgage, so Brenda started researching the old "shotgun style houses" that were very popular in the 30's, 40's and early 50's. Today you family and friends will have you committed if you set out to buy and/o