If you’ve taken a scenic drive down Buffalo Gap Road, you’ve likely passed a dilapidated, sprawling white mansion nestled on several acres. Whether you call it the Kasimirs Mansion, the White House, the ‘Elvis’ House (though it wasn’t modeled after Graceland or any leadership buildings), or just as the Mansion, most folks don’t know what’s inside.

YouTuber and “urban explorer” Nick of Exploring With Project Bad released a video touring the interior and exterior of the mansion on October 12. You can view the entire video, which clocks in a little over 18 minutes, below.

The video begins with the front entrance to the house, and host Nick commenting that he’s “never seen so many chandeliers in [my] entire life.”

Included in the tour are multiple bedrooms with gold crown molding, luxurious marble bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and yes, lots of sparkling chandeliers.

Nick also includes a lot about the house’s original owners, the Kasimirs, and the rise and fall of their fortune in the hotel industry in Abilene.

For all the Nosy Nancy types, Nick does make it clear that he’s on the property by permission from the current owner, who he says “[is] country and down to earth and not dumb at all. He will read through the BS.”

Additionally, Nick mentions that police patrol the area frequently and that the structure, though lackluster now, is loved by the community and surrounding property owners.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the Mansion on Buffalo Gap Road looks like, this video gives you a great (and legal!) way to look around inside.

You can check out more videos from Exploring with Project Bad here.

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