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Sweetwater Man's Scams are Straight Out of the Wild West
If you grew up watching Western movies as I did, you’re familiar with the cowboy’s dastardly adversary — the cattle rustler. Turns out that the Wild West practice of swiping cattle (or money) from under somebody’s nose isn’t dying with the rest of the cowboy life. A Sweetwater man name...
City of Abilene Recreation Division Will Host Girls Volleyball League
The City of Abilene Recreation Division is now hosting a Girls Volleyball League this fall. The league will be open to girls ages 9 to 12. The divisions are split up by age, division I is open to girls ages 11 to 12, division II is for girls ages 9 to 10. There is an entry fee of $45 per child and that comes with a team jersey, knee pads and a trophy.
Best Playgrounds in Abilene – Rudy’s Top Five
With 27 parks in Abilene that cover over 1,000 acres, I knew I had better wear some comfortable shoes for this task. For the sake of this blog I'll clear the air on this, Abilene has playgrounds for young and old alike. and not all the playgrounds have swings, teeter-totters, merry-go-rounds and slides. Some feature water works and/or statuary or large art sculptures and areas that offer a place t