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The last time the City of Abilene notified me that I was in violation of one of their City of Abilene City Ordinances, was when the grass needed to be mowed. Well, I've been notified again but this time it's about the shrubs getting too tall.

Yep, that's right if your shrubs, bushes, plants, trees, or vegetation get so tall that they block, obscure, or prevent you from seeing that city street sign, "You are in violation of City of Abilene Ordinance Code Ch 19, Art II, Sec 19-15."

So, if you have ANY vegetation or obstacles that are blocking any traffic signs, you will need to trim them back or remove them to where they don't obscure the view where drivers may not be able to see and obey that traffic sign.

The law states that: "In Abilene, Texas, all property owners are responsible for maintaining the vegetation on their private property, including shrubs and trees, that obstruct the right of way next to their property. Furthermore, if your vegetation or obstacle is blocking a sidewalk or bicycle lane that too is a violation.

In Abilene, a violation of the city code by allowing any vegetation on your private property to obstruct stop signs can indeed result in fines. As to how much the fine may be can vary depending on other regulations and the severity of the violation.

To get up-to-date information about fines related to this issue, Do what I did and CALL the City of Abilenes' code enforcement office, or visit their website. They will provide precise details regarding penalties for all violations.

Always keep in mind that we must maintain clear visibility of all traffic signs. Don't forget, to be safe out there!

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