As someone who has lived in Abilene for a long time, I've always noticed the potholes around town. Usually, I brushed it off, thinking they would get fixed—and most of the time, they did. However, recently, it seems as if the roads are getting worse.

A few nights ago, I decided to take a different route home. I drove south down Leggett Avenue, turned west on South 7th Street, and continued until I reached TX Hwy 83/84, where I could jump on the freeway heading south to Wylie. That small stretch between Pioneer Drive and South Danville Drive felt like I was driving on an old, worn-out dirt road.

It felt more like I was constantly going over railroad tracks. I'm not exaggerating—my wife, who was riding with me, said, "The city should rename this street Washboard Road!" Her comment made me wonder about the kind of damage these roads might be doing to our cars' suspension systems.

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When we got home, the television was on a local station KTXS interviewing an Abilene resident about his ambulance ride to the hospital. The EMS driver mentioned avoiding certain roads in north Abilene because of their poor condition. I turned to my wife and said, "Isn't this what we were just talking about on our ride home?"

The TV interview focused on how the "North Side" of Abilene was being neglected. However, I'm afraid I have to disagree. South 7th Street is on the south side, and I believe all the roads in and around Abilene need attention.

I doubt the interviewee has driven down Buffalo Gap Road, where the road conditions are miserable. After driving down Buffalo Gap Road for two years, I believe I might have to replace my wife's car due to the beating its suspension has taken.

What are your thoughts? Which roads are the worst in Abilene? Is there one near you that needs serious repair, not just a patch job?

Please understand that the City of Abilene is doing everything possible to repair the streets. You can report a road through the city's special ClickFix app or by emailing them at

Let's work together to make our roads safer and smoother for everyone!

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