Turning your house into a billboard might sound a little quirky to say the least but that is exactly what some home owners are doing in order to pay their mortgages.  A company has offered to pay the mortgage on homes that will allow them to sell advertising on them.Many people are having a hard time paying bills and making ends meet.  Many are to the point of almost losing their homes, that's where this company steps in to help.

The company is called Brainiacs from Mars.  They will paint your house, in some quite obscene colors I might add, and place advertising on it.  In exchange for allowing your home to be their "billboard" they will pay your mortgage for up to a year, sometimes a while longer.

What do the neighbors think?  The CEO, Romeo Mendoza, says once the opportunity is explained most of the surrounding neighbors are on board and are supportive.  The alternative is that their neighbors are on the street, foreclosure signs go up and property values decline.  This is a temporary paint job and ends up helping people in the end.

For more information on this unique marketing idea see the Brainiacs from Mars website.