The state of Texas is currently holding more than $2 billion in cash and other valuable assets and they are waiting for the rightful owners to claim it. Keep in mind it’s never too late to make a claim, especially when we're talking over 2 billion dollars. This is cash money that could not be forwarded to you because you moved and maybe didn't put in a change of address, or your old bank, credit union or lending institution lost contact with you, maybe it's an old deposit or safety deposit box with valuables that you or your family members forgot about. It could also be an inheritance. It doesn't cost anything to at least check into it.

It’s your money, and the state says "we want you to get it back, every penny of it." Every day, businesses and financial institutions report unclaimed property to the comptroller’s office, everything from payroll checks, royalties and safe deposit box contents to dividends, stocks, bonds and so much more. You can make your claim, simply check the list, and check it twice. Make sure that any of that unclaimed money is yours by simply visiting or calling the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Unclaimed Property Division.

Find out what you may have been missing by searching our unclaimed property database at It’s easy and convenient. In addition, you can download claim forms and other helpful information. You can also call 1-800-654-FIND (3463) to talk with one of the state’s customer service representatives.

One interesting point to report, Texas was the first state to sell unclaimed property online specifically, safe deposit box contents whose owners have been unreachable for more than six years. The auctions began in 1999 on the popular auction website The Unclaimed Property division now holds weekly auctions.

The photos featured on this blog are actual items that are on eBay auctions going on right now. There are many other actual jewelry items and other valuables that were gathered by the State of Texas and are up for bids.

Texas Claim It eBay photo

But rest assured, even if your long-forgotten family heirloom was sold, the proceeds are yours. Money raised from the eBay auctions are “liquid unclaimed assets" and they belong to the owner (not the state); and have no claim deadline.

So get busy and see if you or any family members are on the list to receive any unclaimed fortunes. Now if you find your name on the list and get some riches coming your way, remember who told about this and put me in your will. Let me know if you claim something and good luck.