People are Honest
Funny how things come up at the most opportune times. For example the Christmas holiday season is when money is short and I try to hang on to every penny. This video comes along and restores my faith in how genuinely honest people are.
Rudy Teaches His Daughter the Value of Money Through Aluminum Can Recycling
I have (count them) eight wonderful children, five daughters and three sons. In an effort to try and teach this last child the value of money I decided I would prove to her that there is money in trash. So instead of throwing away our aluminum soda cans, we would save them and turn trash into cash. I went by Harbor Freight and purchased a can crusher for my 10 year old little princess, who began h
5 Ways to Save Money on Your 2013 Taxes
It's hard to believe it's already the middle of tax season. 2013 is off to a fast clip, and unfortunately this means that Tax Day is right around the corner. You could bury your head in the sand until you hit April 14 panic mode, or this year you could give yourself a burst of energy and self-confidence knowing that you met your taxes head-on. Here are money savers to get you started:
10 Crazy Kickstarters to Waste Your Money On
Kickstarter is a wonderful, magical place, where you can buy "luxuriously rugged" men's underpants, or help bring chocolate-dipped, pretzel-sprinkled beer-flavored marshmallows into the world. But not all of the projects people are trying to do are so awesome...

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