Texas country music legend Randy Rogers’ latest undertaking, a unique craft whiskey from his brand Bahnbrëcker, is now available in bars and restaurants across Texas, and for shipping everywhere else.

While this is Rogers’ first foray into the alcohol trade, he has plenty of help from cofounders and industry veteran Steve Luttman. Bahnbrëcker’s Slow River Blend is also the craft industry’s first Hefeweizen-inspired whiskey. It’s a blend of Texas and Midwestern straight blend whiskeys combined with lemon peel and clove.

Put simply, that means the whiskey hints of vanilla, caramel, clove, and lemon, like Hefeweizen beer. 

If all of these German words have your head in a tizzy, Rogers promises there’s a purpose to it. As a New Braunfels native, Rogers wanted the brand to reflect the strong German heritage of his hometown and the hardy spirit of pioneers who made their mark on Texas’ early history. 

“We wanted to create something that the people who came before us in this great community of New Braunfels would be proud of,” Rogers said in a prepared statement.

That’s pretty plain to see, considering that the name Bahnbrëcker comes from the German word meaning “trailblazer.”

Aside from asking for Slow River Blend at bars and restaurants near you, hopping online to have a bottle shipped straight from New Braunfels is your best bet to try it.

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Rogers’ loyal fan base doesn’t have to worry about him bailing on the music business any time soon, though. He’s currently on tour in support of 2019’s ‘Hellbent’ album from the Randy Rogers Band. You can find his upcoming tour stops, merch, and music here.

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