I've decided to start taking some weekend road trips to places I can make in a day. My first one was to Underwood's Cafeteria in Brownwood. While we were in Brownwood, we discovered that their Antique Shops were open on Sundays, that is a big "road trip" plus. Then it was off to Underwood's where the big sign boasts "The Best Eatin' in Town Since 1946." Underwood's Cafeteria is still serving up some of the best Bar-B-Q meats in West Texas. But is their Bar-B-Q what folks remember most?

Surprisingly enough no, it's the famous all you can eat yeast rolls, the different fruit cobblers and the real hand whipped sweet cream to put on the cobbler that gets everyone's votes. The one thing I crave the most from Underwood's is the "steak" which I believe is really a thick slice of brisket, oven smoked with their secret Bar-B-Q sauce. Nonetheless, it was better than I remembered it to be.

My wife Donna said "I haven't had my favorite Underwood's chicken in over 37 years." She's been eating at Underwood's since she learned how to drive 40 years ago. She says "as soon as I learned how to drive I would call momma before I left school and ask her if she wanted anything from Underwood's." Sunday while we were eating, Donna didn't say much, which in Donna speak means "leave me alone I'm eatin'!"

What got me thinking about some of the areas landmark restaurants, was the day I had turkey and dressing at the Cracker Barrel with my dad. That day was full of memories and emotions. Sitting At Underwood's this past Sunday brought back a lot of memories too. Donna and I reminisced about the days when we were both in junior high and high school, going out to eat with the family after church or for a special occasion.

Who knows where the road will take us this weekend, maybe to the Beehive Restaurant and Saloon in Albany or the Lowake Steak House in Lowake Texas. No matter where I go, check back for updates. If you have any suggestions let me know and I'll try to plan a 'Rudy Road Trip' to your neck of the woods.

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