Since mom passed a couple years ago I've been looking after my aging father and it can get pretty interesting at times, especially when you've got a dad like mine (half drill sergeant, half comedian). When mom was alive she told dad what he was hungry for. Now, dad found his hunger independence and he tells me what he's been craving. Last week he says "you know son, turkey and dressing isn't just for Thanksgiving, I'm hungry and I want turkey and dressing. Take me to eat turkey and dressing, right now."

So begins my journey to find turkey and dressing in Abilene. Then it dawned on me, how about the hospital cafeterias? I called my wife Donna, she works near the hospital and dines there quite regularly. When I told her what dad wanted, she remarked that Cracker Barrel has turkey and dressing every Thursday.

We went, they had it, we ate it and it was great!

Frankly, that was a lunch hour I'll cherish for rest of my life as I got to hear dad relive his youth when he talked about turkey and dressing my mom and grandma used to make. It seems too often we take a simple meal for granted, but this special meal revived some wonderful memories that dad got to share with me.

So I guess dad is right "turkey and dressing isn't just for Thanksgiving."

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