A dog was rescued from a second story apartment fire in south Abilene. The amazing part is, the brave rescuer is not even an Abilene Firefighter, he was a neighbor. By the look from the video, the dog looks like he's glad to get away from the inferno.

Abilene's fire officials believe that the fire may have started in a neighboring apartment. The person in that apartment, may have attempted to put out an accidental grease fire by using water to dowse the flames. The fire got out of control and quickly spread to neighboring apartments including the one where the dog was rescued from.

No people or animals were injured in the fire and the fire was brought under control by Abilene's firefighters. The fire caused lots of damage and has displaced at least three families.

While I was watching the video I was encouraged by the fact that many neighbors from that apartment complex came out to help and make sure that no people or pets were injured. I think the real heroes here, are that apartment complex's residents.

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