Wildfire Safety Tips for Texans
With the recent winter storm that killed so much vegetation in West Texas, the season is ripe for wildfires to rage throughout the Lone Star State. Here are some tips to help prevent wildfires.
Hot Rod Ignites Bonfire
With Cruise Night here, we will be seeing a lot of awesome cars. Here's one classic car that's not just for cruising around in. This classic flame spitting hot rod can actually light your bonfire then drive off for a cruise around town. Check it out.
Pete Beretta Talks Safety
The "Impossible Question"  was 74% of people in america do this once a year, what is it? The answer is clean the oven, and I revealed that my wife does it at least once a week. My partner Pete Beretta a retired firefighter went off and the gave this explanation that I captured…
Fire Spinning at ArtWalk
The last ArtWalk I attended in downtown Abilene I discovered Fire Spinning a type of Fire Juggling. Bird Thomas with the Center for Contemporary Arts says "Michael Clyde has become a regular during ArtWalk as it starts getting dark Michael takes to the Street in front of the Center and performs…
Firefighters Helmet-Cam
If you have ever wondered exactly what it's like to be a firefighter, and what happens on a daily basis to the brave men and women that protect us, well wonder no longer.  A firefighter used a helmet-cam got give us a first person view of battling fires.

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