It's no secret that there are drivers that do stupid things all over the United States, especially here in Abilene. But, where does Texas rank as far as rude drivers? Thanks to a survey by Insure, we now know where the rudest drivers are, and where the Lonestar state ranks.

Insure conducted the survey by asking 2000 men and women, who represented all 50 states, what state they thought was the rudest. Surprisingly to me, Idaho landed at the number 1 spot. Even more surprising was that Texas was only ranked 27th in the survey.

Why is that so surprising to me that Texas isn't further up the list? Have you ever driven rush hour in Dallas/Ft. Worth? Heck, even driving in Abilene can get the heart rate up with drivers cutting you off, not letting you in a lane, flipping you off for going the speed limit, and other rude things.

In addition to where states ranked as far as rude drivers, the survey also shows what states hated other states the most for their driving. In Texas' case, California drivers hated us the most. But, the Lonestar state countered by hating California drivers the most, as well as several other states including Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

Man, are we a little judgmental in Texas or what? I'm kidding.

Here is a breakdown of the top 30 ranked states with the rudest drivers in America, as well as what states were hated by other states.



For the rest of list, check out Insure.

So, with so many military personnel from other states, I'm curious to know what state you think has the rudest drivers? Drop your comment below.