Rescue the Animals (RTA) is designating November as "Report Animal Abuse Month". Founder and Director of RTA, Paul Washburn says "animal abuse is a very serious crime, and abusers are dangerous people. Animal abusers go on to commit other very serious crimes." To help promote "Report Animal Abuse Month", Paul has enlisted the help of animal lovers County Commissioner Chuck Statler and his daughter Caroline to be the spokespersons. Washburn shared some statistics of what crimes animal abusers go on to commit.

To report animal abuse, Commissioner Statler says "simply call the SPCA hotline at (325)-677-SPCA (7722). Washburn and his animal rescue organization have taken in many animals this year, ranging from abuse to neglect. One call netted RTA 33 neglected and abused horses, in another case Rescue took in nearly 40 Chihuahuas.

Paul said "the statistics on animal abusers are scary because abusers tend to go on and commit other crimes," here's how the numbers shake down:

  • 70% of violent crimes start with simple animal abuse
  • 46% of rapists abused animals regularly
  • 70% of domestic violence began with some form of animal abuse
  • 30% of Child Abusers abused animals first
  • 80% of Juvenile Criminals began breaking the law with pets
  • 100% of Animal Hoarders commit repeat offenses

Those statistics are alarming, yet encouraging, because if we can stop animal abusers long before they become habitual criminals. Our community should be a safer place to live.