It's a really sad and dark day at the Fernandez house, "Ozzie the Rock Star Dog" has passed on. Anybody that knows me, knows that I absolutely love animals, and I know a lot of you consider your pets family members too. I found it therapeutic writing my best friends obituary, for Ozzie was not only family, he was part of me. Oz helped me get through the bad days and was my buddy when I was having a great day. Ozzie always had a tail wag and a lick on the cheek when I least expected it.     

He was 15 years old and is preceded in death by Muffy the Cocker Spaniel, Rick O'Shea the cat, Jumpin' Jack Flash the 7th, Dutchess Amber Tequila Tila, Jumpin' Jack Flash the 8th (aka HENRY the 8th) all Golden retrievers and Fred the Guinea-pig. Ozzie is survived by Smokey the Black Cat, Moo Moo and Cow Cow the skunk Manx-cats and Ginger the Siamese-Manx mix. Donations can be made in his honor at My daughter never knew a world without Ozzie. He was always happy to see you no matter how bad your day had been. Ozzie managed to give you a wag of the tail, as if to say "don't worry everything's gonna be alright." His perch high atop the picnic table is empty tonight, as the coyotes, squirrels, rabbits and skunks will be given a day to morn his loss. I will forever miss my four legged companion.

Ozzie November 1997 - February 2013

Ozzie Clause

On a side note, our family adopted this black scruffy looking mutt from the Abilene Animal Shelter in March of 1999. He had been housed in the same cage with a small Pit Bull that chewed him up pretty good. We quickly took him to the vet to be sewed up. Once cleaned and recovering I saw his Rock Star personality come through, he reminded me of of the heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne thus the name. His swag and demeanor will be forever missed.

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