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A pet microchip is a tiny device that is about the size of a couple of grains of rice. Whenever it's activated by a special computerized wand/device known in the veterinarian field as a microchip-reader.

When the microchip is activated it then transmits a code number to the wand or device that is registered in the Texas/county database and contains all your pet's information including the pet's name, owner, address, and contact information.

It is for your pet's safety that they are microchipped so in the event, your pet is lost the finder can then go to one of many locations right here in Abilene and around Taylor county to see if the animal is microchipped. If so, then the, "find the owner" process begins, thus returning your fur baby back to you.

The most awesome part of this whole microchipping process in Abilene is, that there are literally dozens of places you can go to have the lost pets chip read. I just learned from Angela at the Abilene Emergency Veterinary Clinic at 909 Industrial Blvd that they can check a microchip and they're open overnights.

I was also just informed that all the City of Abilene Fire Stations now has a computerized device to read the pet microchips. A few other places are the Abilene Animal Services Shelter at 925 South 25th, Windmill Animal Hospital at 2 Windmill Circle, Big Country Veterinary Clinic at 2426 Industrial Blvd, and The Taylor Jones Humane Society at North 2301 North 3rd Street.

So, with August 15th always being "National Check the Chip Day" (and I'm not talking about Frito Lays). Check to make sure that your pets are all microchipped. If not call your vet or the Abilene Animal Services Shelter to get your fur babies microchipped.

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