It looks as if the American Soldiers just got the new AA-12 known as "The Worlds Deadliest Gun". It fires at a rate of 300 rounds/shells per minute (that is super fast for a 12 gauge).

The new AA-12 also has a lot of new friends to join the US Soldiers arsenal, friends like "Smart Ammo" like the "FRAG-12". It (the Frag-12) comes in several variations, like "Armor Piercing", "H.E.-High Explosive", "F.G. Fragmentation Grenade", "S.M. Smoke Munitions" & the infamous "S.E. Snot-Extractor" really known to the military as "G.G. Gas Grenade". All I want to know is, "When is the civilian version coming out?".

I got to get me one of these!

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