There are a total of 16 military bases in Texas; seven are United States Air Force bases. As for Air Force Reserve bases, there are officially three. They are the U.S. Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve, Randolph Air Force Base in Universal City Texas (just outside of Houston,) and Joint Base San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base.

As for the Texas Air National Guard, there are three "flying wings": the 136th Airlift Wing in Fort Worth, the 147th Attack Wing in Houston, and the 149th Fighter Wing in San Antonio. These three Texas Air National Guard bases have significant roles in supporting the nation's defense to ensure that we are ready for whatever missions may come up.

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On Sunday, April 14th, 2024 the United States Air Force Reserve will celebrate its birthday. What I find most interesting is that in 1907 the United States government reached out to the Wright Brothers for direction in creating the first military aircraft.

By 1916 the National Defense Act was passed but in 1948 the Air Force was birthed from the Army Air Corps. The Air Force came to being because of World War II. It was then President Franklin D. Roosevelt after signing the Munich Agreement, called into action the creation of a greatly enlarged air force base built for long-range bombing missions.

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President Roosevelts' idea was to have the United States manufacture no less than 15,000 military aircraft per year. That was small in comparison to the 50,000 per year request after the Axis victory in the Battle of France. From the creation of the U.S. Air Force branch came the creation of the Air Force Reserve.

Originally, the Reserve was conceived as a "stand by" force for emergencies. But in February 1997, the Air Force Reserve changed from a Field Operating Agency to a Major Command (MAJCOM). Since then, the 71,500-member force has evolved into the Air Force's Wingman, performing the same missions and working side-by-side on the same equipment. Source: US Air Force Reserve

When it comes to being ready for anything the state of Texas is well-protected by the Texas Military Department and our Air Force Reserve. When you see someone wearing the Air Force reserve uniform tell them thank you for keeping Texas covered, and Happy Birthday!

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