Everyone would like to have Barbie's figure but most of us are realistic and know that's not going to happen. I personally like dessert too much! However, I think even Barbie would frown at this Romanian models figure. She's not pretty but more freakish looking than anything.

Her name is Ioana and she is a 30 year old Romanian model with a 20 inch waist. She is 5'6" and weighs only 84 lbs. Her hips, however, are 32 in. making her look quiet unearthly.

Ioana says she has looked different since her teenage years. At birth she weighed an normal 7 lbs, but by her teen years she had an extremely small waist, only 15 in. at age 13. In her 20's she was very self-conscience.

In her country the fatter you are is a sign of wealth but she has always struggled with being too thin. She says she eats 3 large meals a day and even snacks on chips and chocolate. She just has a very small stomach and if she eats too much it will make her sick. Almost like the lap-bands you hear about.

She is married to a German man who loves her for who she is and sees her beauty differently than most of us. He asked her to pose for some photos and posted them online, that's how she was discovered.

She claims this is 'natural', not a corset, as many have suspected.