In a case reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter, Omaima Aree Nelson a former model turned murderer/cannibal and is seeking parole in California. She received a 28 year sentence in the early 90's for the crime of killing and eating her husband.

Omaima was an Egyptian immigrant who was convicted of second-degree murder and received a 28 year sentence. She married William E. Nelson,56, and less than one month after the nuptials, on Thanksgiving Day, she killed him. She cooked his head and hands. The rest of the body parts she tried to get rid of by asking former boyfriends to dispose of them.

She claimed severe stress and physical and emotional abuse for the reason behind the killing. She was diagnosed with PTS (post traumatic stress disorder) during an examination at the trial.

She was found guilty, of second-degree murder. Now she is seeking parole this Wednesday.
I'm not sure how you could release someone who has committed such a crime but then again it is in California. I guess in this case "pretty is, ISN'T as pretty does."