A few weeks ago I told you the story of Dallas model and magazine proprietor Lauren Scruggs walking into the propeller of a small engine plane. Lauren suffered brain and other extensive injuries. Her mom is now speaking out about her current condition and the long recovery she has ahead of her. 

Lauren was injured on December 5th when she stepped from the small plane she had been in to look at Christmas lights. In the darkness Lauren ran into the propeller not realizing it was still going. She lost her left hand and eventually would lose her left eye as well. She suffered brain injury and other cuts and abrasions. Lauren didn't speak for 3 days after the accident and her prognosis wasn't great.

Lauren pulled through, now speaks but has a long road ahead with recovery and therapy. She has no depth perception due to the loss of her left eye. So walking and just getting around in general are new steps for Lauren. She is having to relearn to dress herself, make her bed and put on her make-up because she lost her hand. Remember, she was a magazine editor/writer and she now can't type as usual. I know for a fact that you can type with one hand and she will find ways to make things in her life work.

Her parents post to a website called CaringBridge.org to keep everyone updated on her condition and progress. Her mom says she is backing off of some of her pain meds and is sleeping better, still has her sense of humor and sweet disposition. However, she is having to work on cognitive skills because of the brain injury and will also have to relearn to drive.  She still faces many challenges but is alive!

The family asks for continued prayers and if you would like you can make donations to the family through the CaringBridge website.

CaringBridge is a non-profit:

"that helps keep loved ones informed during a significant health challenge."