A 23 year old Dallas model/blogger/founder of fashion and lifestyle magazine walked into a small plane propeller. She is alive although badly hurt. Her recovery time is unknown at this point but her family says she is responsive.

Lauren Scruggs is a young model and has a fashion and lifestyle magazine in the Dallas area. She had been on a flight in a small plane to view Christmas lights. The plane landed at an airport in McKinney and was to pick up some other passengers for another flight.

It is not clear but believed that Lauren went back to thank the pilot, it was dark and she didn't realize the propeller was still on. She stepped into the propeller resulting in her injuries.

Janee Harrell is a family spokesperson who said that Lauren is in a lot of pain but is responsive and has already been through one surgery and may have more to come. Lauren's left hand had to be amputated and she had gone in to have her eye removed but doctors noticed something that made them think twice about removing it, so at this time she still has her eye.

Recovery will be extensive and painful but she is alive and responsive that is a promising outlook. You can send Lauren your prayers on a special Facebook page that was created called Prayers for Lauren Scruggs.