LeAnn Rimes is tired. Tired of hearing all the whispers and reading comments about her weight and or physique. She has addressed it from time to time, but this time she's coming out fighting and so is her trainer. Michael Jackson, (not the deceased gloved one) has been training Miss Rimes on a daily basis. In fact Jackson says their work out is pretty rigorous that most men can't keep up.

Rimes admitted she does suffer with an illness and she's come out about it some time ago the illness is, psoriasis.
After reviewing several very recent photo's of LeAnn Rimes, I'm of the opinion that this girl is fit and could kick some serious tail. I think you look AWESOME Miss LeAnn. What do you think? You look at the photos and the video.

LeAnn has been pretty open about her diet and work-out, mostly sharing what she's eating or how she's working out on her online social web-sites Miss Rimes frequents. Jackson has defended LeAnn and further states that LeAnn eats "healthy and organic" as often as possible and is very "fitness savvy".

Recently Kenny Chesney was voted by a Fitness magazine as the "Fittest Man In Country Music". So why is it that when a young female that is as equally fit  everybody points a questionable finger.

As stated earlier LeAnn Rimes is tired of the "rumors of an eating dis-order" that trainer Jackson says will stop the talk when they release a physical fitness video on her blogs. She intends on helping those that want to lose weight. Jackson says he expects the video to be released next month. It will feature Rimes and Jackson jumping rope, boxing, Weights, squats, lunges and other work-out maneuvers.